8B. Week – Press Release (ENG)


Division 1: No change at the top as leaders Floriana Ajax MCP A, Mosta Horseshoe Bar A and Kalkara St Joseph all comfortably win their encounters on gameweek 8. The greens end the year with a 3-point advantage over their title rivals. In the other match, Gudja PO’s Bar A defeated Zejtun Beland Bullseye 6-2 to increase the gap between them in fourth place and Senglea & Birzebbugia in fifth place to 6 points.

Division 2: Bugibba Sun City A pull an upset as they defeated leaders St. Venera Red Square 5-3 who prior to this encounter enjoyed a 100% record. Floriana Ajax MCP B took full advantage of the slip up by St. Venera as they comfortably defeated Cospicua Rangers 7-1 to overtake them in standings and now occupy 2nd place, trailing the leaders by 5 points. Whitewash wins for Mosta Horseshoe Bar B and Gudja PO’s Bar B over Hamrun Education Bar B and Birzebbugia Cox Sports Club B respectively.

Division 3: Siggiewi St Nicholas BC and St Paul’s Band Club end the year on another win and remain unbeaten after eight matches with seven wins and a draw obtained. Floriana Ajax Munchies C and Senglea M. Conquest maintain 3rd and 4th place in the division after a 4-4 draw in their encounter with Sliema Tipico St. Gregory’s BC joining Senglea in 4th place after their third consecutive away win, this time with a 6-2 score line over St. Paul’s Diamonds. Wins also for Hamrun Bayern Munich and Zurrieq FC to end the year on a high.

The national leagues resume on Friday 5th January 2018.

Results Game-week 8 (15/12/2017)

Division 1

Zejtun Beland Bullseye v Gudja PO`s Bar A 2-6; Birzebbuga Cox Sports Club A v Kalkara St Joseph 2-6; Senglea M. Conquest A v Floriana Ajax MCP A 1-7; Hamrun Education Bar A v Mosta Horseshoe Bar A 2-6

Division 2

St. Venera Red Square v Bugibba Sun City A 3-5; Floriana Ajax MCP B v Cospicua Rangers 7-1; Gudja PO`s Bar B v Birzebbuga Cox Sports Club B 8-0; Mosta Horseshoe Bar B v Hamrun Education Bar B 8-0

Division 3

Hamrun Bayern Munich v Mqabba St. Mary Band Club 6-2; Zurrieq Football Club v Mgarr The Hatch Sports Bar 5-3; Bugibba Sun City Ladies v St.Paul’s Band Club 1-7; Floriana Ajax Munchies C v Senglea M. Conquest B 4-4; St. Paul’s Diamonds v Sliema Tipico St. Gregory BC 2-6; Siggiewi St.Nicholas BC v Floriana Bocci Club 5-3

Standings Game-week 8 (15/12/2017)

Division 1

1st Floriana Ajax MCP A – 22 points; 2nd Mosta Horseshoe Bar, Kalkara St Joseph – 19 points; 4th Gudja PO`s Bar A – 13 points; 5th Birzebbuga Cox Sports Club A, Senglea M. Conquest A – 7 points; 6th Zejtun Beland Bullseye – 5 points; 8th Hamrun Education Bar A – 0 points.

Division 2

1st St. Venera Red Square – 21 points; 2nd Floriana Ajax MCP B – 16 points; 3rd Cospicua Rangers, Mosta Horseshoe Bar B – 14 points; 5th Gudja POs Bar B, Bugibba Sun City A – 11 points; 7th Hamrun Education Bar B – 4 points; 8th Birzebbuga Cox Sports Club – 0 points.

Division 3

1st Siggiewi St.Nicholas BC, St.Paul’s Band Club – 22 points; 3rd Floriana Ajax Munchies C – 17 points; 4th Senglea M. Conquest B, Sliema Tipico St. Gregory BC – 15 points; 6th Floriana Bocci Club – 13 points; 7th Mqabba St. Mary Band Club, Hamrun Bayern Munich – 11 points; 9th St. Paul’s Diamonds, Zurrieq Football Club – 4 points; 10th Bugibba Sun City Ladies – 1 point; 12th Mgarr The Hatch Sports Bar – 0 points.

Fixtures Game-week 9 (05/01/2018)

Division 1

Kalkara St Joseph v Senglea M. Conquest A; Gudja PO`s Bar A v Hamrun Education Bar A; Floriana Ajax MCP A v Zejtun Beland Bullseye; Mosta Horseshoe Bar A v Birzebbuga Cox Sports Club A

Division 2

Cospicua Rangers v Gudja PO`s Bar B; Bugibba Sun City A v Mosta Horseshoe Bar B; Birzebbuga Cox Sports Club B v St. Venera Red Square; Hamrun Education Bar B v Floriana Ajax MCP B

Division 3

St.Paul’s Band Club v Hamrun Bayern Munich; Senglea M. Conquest B v Floriana Bocci Club; Mqabba St. Mary Band Club v Floriana Ajax Munchies C; Mgarr The Hatch Sports Bar v Bugibba Sun City Ladies; Sliema Tipico St. Gregory BC v Siggiewi St.Nicholas BC; St. Paul’s Diamonds v Zurrieq Football Club



The first ranking tournament for the 2017/18 season took us to Ghaxaq St Joseph Band Club. Andy Keen of Kalkara St Joseph claiming the honour with a win over Albert Scerri in the final with Godfrey Abela and Kirsten Aquilina finishing in joint 3rd place. Keen is currently on roll as in the space of a month he first reached the last 16 at the Malta International Darts Open, followed by qualification to the Malta Premier League of Darts group stages a week ago and now after winning the first ranking event he increases the lead at the top of the Player of the Year standings to 8 points over Godfrey Abela in second place.


Andre Zammit | Public Relations Officer | Malta Darts Association