Fantasy World Championship

Why play Fantasy World Darts Championship?

  • Your engagement with Darts will further increase. It is not about one dart player, but 12 dart players need to perform for you!
  • For only 10 euro you will get many extra hours of entertainment before the start of the tournament but also during the event your dart players will give you a lot of joy but also a lot of frustration.
  • If you manage to beat the other players, you can also win nice cash prizes (at least 3,000 euro and a 1st prize of 403 euro)!
  • Click here to register and click here to go to the game when you are already registered at Zweeler.

The Fantasy World Darts Championship 2018 starts on Thursday 14 December 2017 at 20:15 hours CET.

You have a budget of 100 million euro to buy 12 darts players of which you think are going to win the most points in the Fantasy World Darts Championship 2018.

The game will cost 10 euro per team and will start with a guaranteed amount of 3,000 euro in prizes. The first prize will be 403 euro (60 GC prizes).

Player values:


Nr.Darts playerValue (in milion)
1Gerwen, Michael van30
2Wright, Peter22.2
3Anderson, Gary17.7
4Cross, Rob15.1
5Taylor, Phil13.4
6Gurney, Daryl12.9
7Lewis, Adrian10.5
8Barneveld, Raymond van10
9Suljovic, Mensur9.3
10Wade, James7.8
11Chisnall, Dave6.9
12Whitlock, Simon6.7
13Klaasen, Jelle6.5
14Norris, Alan5.9
15Cullen, Joe5.6
16Smith, Michael5.4
17Price, Gerwyn5.3
18Bunting, Stephen5.1
19Anderson, Kyle5
20White, Ian4.8
21Huybrechts, Kim4.7
22Webster, Darren4.5
23Pas, Benito van de4.4
24Clayton, Jonny4.2
25King, Mervyn3.9
26Reyes, Cristo3.8
27Pipe, Justin3.6
28Beaton, Steve3.5
29Thornton, Robert3.4
30Webster, Mark3.3
31Henderson, John3.2
32Ratajski, Krzysztof3
33Bergh, Dimitri Van den2.9
34West, Steve2.9
35Voort, Vincent van der2.8
36Wattimena, Jermaine2.8
37O'Connor, Willie2.7
38Schindler, Martin2.7
39Dekker, Jan2.6
40Richardson, James2.6
41Evetts, Ted2.5
42Wilson, James2.5
43Dolan, Brendan2.4
44Lennon, Steve2.4
45Brown, Keegan2.3
46Lewis, Jamie2.3
47Dobey, Chris2.2
48Petersen, Devon2.2
49Jacques, Peter2.1
50Lerchbacher, Zoran2.1
51Alcinas, Antonio2
52Neyens, Kenny2
53North, Richard1.9
54Painter, Kevin1.9
55Huybrechts, Ronny1.8
56Viljanen, Kim1.8
57Harris, Cody1.7
58Smith, Jeff1.7
59Kantele, Marko1.6
60Kist, Christian1.6
61Humphries, Luke1.5
62Portela, Diogo1.5
63Munch, Kevin1.4
64Smith, Bernie1.4
65Lim, Paul1.3
66Mathers, Gordon1.3
67Bruguier, Willard1.2
68Oreshkin, Aleksandr1.2
69Asada, Seigo1.1
70Ljubic, Alan1.1
71Leung, Kai Fan1
72Zong, Xiao Chen1