The Winmau BDO British Open Singles Champions 2017

Ross Montgomery defeated Cameron Menzies 6-5 to become the 2017 Mens Winmau BDO British Open Champion. Corrine Hammond carried on from her runners up place in the British Classic yesterday with a 5-3 victory over Anastasia Dobromyslova to become the 2017 Ladies Winmau BDO British Open Champion.

During this competition there was also three Maltese players participating with the following results obtained …

Norbert Attard – Last 1024 vs Brian Preece-ENG 3-2 (W), Last 512 vs 6th seed – Cameron Menzies-ENG 0-3 (L)

Albert Scerri – Last 1025 vs Jim McCutcheon-SCO 3-1 (W), Last 512 vs 25th seed – Daniel Day-ENG 3-0 (W), Last 256 vs Phil Hoggarth-ENG 0-3 (L)

Paul Busuttil – Last 1024 vs John Scott-ENG 1-3 (L)