Amazing bounce-out by James Wilson !

James Wilson suffered an amazing bounce-out against Dave Chisnall in the European Darts Trophy

James Wilson suffered one of strangest bounce-outs in the history of darts when playing Dave Chisnall in the European Darts Trophy in Germany this past weekend.

The 45-year old former Lakeside world champion was facing seventh-seed Chisnall in the second round of the European Darts Trophy on Saturday when his dart bounced out of the board and balanced on another.

Wilson, who lost the game 6-4, required 92 to level the match 5-5 but saw his dart rebound out of the single 20 as he looked to leave a 32 finish.

James Wilson had one of darts’ most amazing bounce-outs this past weekend when facing Dave Chisnall in the European Darts Troph

The tungsten bounced out before landing perfectly on another dart in what is regarded as one of the strangest incidents of the like ever seen of the PDC tour.

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