Press Release: Week 3 – Season 2016/17


Zejtun Juventutis Domus vs Zejtun Beland Bullseye 1-7

This week`s game of the week comes from the two newly promoted teams in the top division who were still searching for the first points in this campaign. In what was expected to be a closer encounter, Zejtun Beland Bullseye dominated proceedings with a comfortable 7-1 away win against their neighbours Zejtun Juventutis Domus. Beland won the first seven matches through Mario Cutajar, Alfred Abela, Louis Barbara, Noel Ebejer, Raymond Xerxen, Rennie Borg and John Agius in the singles and Barbara/Abela in the doubles. Zejtun Domus avoided a whitewash by winning the last doubles game through Farrugia/Spiteri.

Results Game-week 3 (28/10/2016)
Division 1
Kalkara St Joseph vs Bormla Bocci Club 7-1; Gudja POs Bar A vs Floriana Ajax A 0-8; Zejtun Juventutis Domus vs Zejtun Beland Bullseye 1-7; BBugia Cox Sports Club A vs Mosta Horseshoe Bar A 3-5.

Division 2
Senglea M. Conquest vs Gudja POs Bar B 7-1; Hamrun Education Bar A vs BBugia Cox Sports Club B 8-0; Mosta Bocci Club vs Cospicua Rangers 1-7; Floriana Ajax B vs Bugibba Munchies Pub 4-4.

Division 3
St Paul`s Diamonds vs Hamrun Education Bar B 0-8; Bugibba Intercontinetal Sun City vs Mqabba St Mary BC 7-1; Mosta Horseshoe Bar B vs Mgarr The Hatch Sports Bar 8-0.

Standings Game-week 3 (28/10/2016)
Division 1
1st Floriana Ajax A, Kalkara St Joseph – 9 points; 3rd Mosta Horseshoe Bar A – 7 points; 4th Gudja POs Bar A – 4 points; 5th BBugia Cox Sports Club A, Zejtun Beland Bullseye – 3 points; 6th Bormla Bocci Club, Zejtun Juventutis Domus – 0 points.

Division 2
1st Hamrun Education Bar A – 9 points; 2nd Cospicua Rangers, Mosta Bocci Club – 6 points; 4th Floriana Ajax B – 5 points; 5th Senglea M. Conquest, Bugibba Munchies Pub – 4 points; 7th Gudja POs Bar B, BBugia Cox Sports Club B – 0 points.

Division 3
1st Mosta Horseshoe Bar B – 9 points; 2nd Bugibba Intercontinental Sun City – 7 points; 3rd Hamrun Education Bar B – 3 points; 4th Mqabba St Mary BC, St. Venera Red Square – 2 points; 5th Mgarr The Hatch Sports Bar – 1 point; 6th St. Pauls Diamonds – 0 points.

Fixtures Game-week 4 (11/11/2016)
Division 1
Zejtun Beland Bullseye vs Gudja POs Bar A; Mosta Horseshoe Bar A vs Kalkara St Joseph; Bormla Bocci Club vs Zejtun Juventutis Domus; Floriana Ajax A vs BBugia Cox Sports Club A

Division 2
Cospicua Rangers vs Hamrun Education Bar A; Bugibba Munchies Pub vs Senglea M. Conquest; Gudja POs Bar B vs Mosta Bocci Club; BBugia Cox Sports Club B vs Floriana Ajax B.

Division 3
Mgarr The Hatch Sports Bar vs St Paul`s Diamonds; Hamrun Education Bar B vs Bugibba Interc. Sun City; St. Venera Red Square vs Mosta Horseshoe Bar B.


The third round of matches from the 5 a-side cup competition were as follows:
Group A: Floriana Ajax A v Cospicua Rangers 5-0; Senglea M. Conquest v Hamrun Education Bar B 4-1.
Group B: Mosta Horseshoe Bar A v St Venera Red Square 5-0; Zejtun Juventutis Domus v Gudja POs Bar B 4-1; St Paul`s Diamonds v Mqabba St Mary BC 5-0.
In group A & B, Floriana Ajax and Mosta Horseshoe Bar A lead the way on 9 points and yet to drop a single game.
Group C: Hamrun Education Bar A v Mosta Horseshoe Bar B 3-2; Kalkara St Joseph v Floriana Ajax B 4-1.
In group C, Hamrun Education Bar A & Kalkara St Joseph lead the way on 6 points with the latter playing a match less..
Group D: Gudja POs Bar A v Mosta Horseshoe Bar C 4-1; Zejtun Beland Bullseye v Mosta Bocci Club 5-0; BBugia Cox Sports Club v Floriana Ajax C 5-0.
In group D, Zejtun Beland Bullseye & BBugia Cox Sports Club lead the ways on 9 points.


Andre Zammit | Public Relations Officer | Malta Darts Association