The Winmau BDO British Classic Singles Champions 2017

Jamie Hughes is the 2017 Mens Winmau BDO British Classic champion beating Jim Williams in a thrilling final 6-5. Aileen De Graaf captured the 2017 Ladies Winmau BDO British Classic title with a close victory over Corrine Hammond in the final 5-4.

The Winmau BDDA British Open final also took place today with Paul Gelder taking the title with a 3-1 victory over Paul Hampton.

During this competition there was also three Maltese players participating with the following results obtained …

Norbert Attard – Last 1024 vs Edwin Torbjornsson-SWE 3-2 (W), Last 512 vs Rowdy Schoremans-NL 2-3 (L)

Albert Scerri – Last 512 vs John Green-ENG 3-0 (W), Last 256 vs Andrew Davies-ENG 2-3 (L)

Paul Busuttil – Last 1024 vs Will Powlay-ENG 3-0 (W), Last 512 vs Kevin Jones-ENG 0-3 (L)