Press Release: Week 9 – Season 2016/17

Results Game-week 9 (06/01/2017)
Division 1
Zejtun Beland Bullseye v Floriana Ajax A 0-8; BBugia Cox Sports Club A v Bormla Bocci Club 3-5; Zejtun Juventutis Domus v Kalkara St Joseph 0-8; Gudja POs Bar A v Mosta Horseshoe Bar A 3-5.

Division 2
Cospicua Rangers v BBugia Cox Sports Club B 8-0; Floriana Ajax B v Gudja POs Bar B 6-2; Mosta Bocci Club v Senglea M. Conquest 3-5; Hamrun Education Bar A v Bugibba Munchies Pub 4-4.

Division 3
Mqabba St Mary BC v St. Venera Red Square 5-3; Mosta Horseshoe Bar B v Hamrun Education Bar B 5-3; Bugibba Interc. Sun City v St Paul`s Diamonds 6-2.

Standings Game-week 9 (06/01/2017)
Division 1
1st Kalkara St Joseph – 27 points; 2nd Floriana Ajax A – 24 points; 3rd Mosta Horseshoe Bar A – 19 points; 4th Gudja POs Bar A – 9 points; 5th Bormla Bocci Club – 8 points; 6th Zejtun Beland Bullseye, BBugia Cox Sports Club A – 7 points; 8th Zejtun Juventutis Domus – 2 points.

Division 2
1st Bugibba Munchies Pub, Floriana Ajax B – 18 points; 3rd Hamrun Education Bar A – 17 points; 4th Cospicua Rangers – 16 points; 5th Senglea M. Conquest – 15 points; 6th Mosta Bocci Club, Gudja POs Bar B – 7 points; 8th BBugia Cox Sports Club B – 3 points.

Division 3
1st Mosta Horseshoe Bar B – 22 points; 2nd Bugibba Intercontinental Sun City – 20 points; 3rd Hamrun Education Bar B – 12 points; 4th St. Venera Red Square, Mqabba St Mary BC – 8 points; 6th Mgarr The Hatch Sports Bar – 4 points; 7th St Pauls Diamonds – 3 points.

Fixtures Game-week 10 (13/01/2017)
Division 1
Bormla Bocci Club v Kalkara St Joseph; Floriana Ajax A v Gudja POs Bar A; Mosta Horseshoe Bar A v BBugia Cox Sports Club A.

Division 2
Gudja POs Bar B v Senglea M. Conquest; BBugia Cox Sports Club B v Hamrun Education Bar A; Cospicua Rangers v Mosta Bocci Club; Bugibba Munchies Pub v Floriana Ajax B.

Division 3
Hamrun Education Bar B v St Paul`s Diamonds; Mqabba St Mary BC v Bugibba Interc. Sun City; Mgarr The Hatch Sports Bar v Mosta Horseshoe Bar B.


The 8th gameweek from the 5 a-side cup competition was played last week with five teams confirming qualification from the group stages with two more games to go. Group leaders Floriana Ajax A, Mosta Horseshoe Bar A, Kalkara St Joseph and Birzebbugia Cox Sports Club all booked their place at the quarter finals stage and all are still unbeaten in the group stages. The fifth team to ensure a spot in the draw is Zejtun Beland Bullseye in group D as they hold a six-point advantage over Gudja POs Bar A with two remaining games but have a better head-to-head record. The remaining three qualification spots are still wide open and seven teams are in contention to claiming one of those qualification places. The remaining two gameweek are scheduled for 04/01/2017 and 10/01/2017.

Group A: Cospicua Rangers v Floriana Ajax A 0-5; Hamrun Education Bar B v Senglea M. Conquest 3-2.
Group B: St Venera Red Square v Mosta Horseshoe Bar A 0-5; Gudja POs Bar B v Zejtun Juventutis Domus 4-1; Mqabba St Mary BC v St Paul`s Diamonds 3-2.
Group C: Mosta Horseshoe Bar B v Hamrun Education Bar A 3-2; Floriana Ajax B v Kalkara St Joseph 0-5.
Group D: Mosta Horseshoe Bar C v Gudja POs Bar A 2-3; Mosta Bocci Club v Zejtun Beland Bullseye 2-3; Floriana Ajax C v BBugia Cox Sports Club 0-5.


The first ranking tournament for the 2016/17 season took us to Ghaxaq St Joseph Band Club which saw Mario Aquilina of Kalkara St Joseph claiming the honour with a win over teammate Gordon Stanmore in the final. At the semi-final stages they eliminated another player from Kalkara, Andy Keen and Albert Scerri of Mosta Horseshoe Bar A.
The next ranking tournaments will be on the 8th January 2017 at Mqabba Tal-Gilju and on 22nd January 2017 at Tottenham Hotspurs in Valletta.


The Malta Darts Association in collaboration with the KSU, MUSC and our official sponsorship partner Budweiser organized the first ever University Darts Challenge which saw students competing in a fun and friendly darts tournament at the University Common Room. The overall winner was Mark Ault who saw of the challenge of Gianluca Lia in the final with Beppe Jaccarini finishing third. This was the first of many initiatives the association is working on to strengthen the relationship with the KSU and MUSC committees.


Andre Zammit | Public Relations Officer | Malta Darts Association