Markers / Callers for the upcoming Malta International Darts Open

Attention All

One of the upgrades for this year`s open is to ensure the process of calling/marking games is as smooth as it can be, so the Malta Darts Association will be investing money in recruiting “Callers / Markers” in case there are players who do not wish to mark their matches after losing (note: In these cases the player who refuses to mark their game will be issued with a €10 fine).

A recruited marker will receive €100 for the 3 days plus €5 for each match they mark (ex: If a marker over the 3 days marks 25 games in total they would earn €100 + €125 = €225). Not bad )

Anyone interested in becoming a Caller / Marker please get in touch with me either via FB messenger or send me an email on Contract including T&Cs will be issued closer to date.


Andre Zammit | Public Relations Officer | Malta Darts Association