3. Week – Press Release (ENG)


Division 1: Title contenders Kalkara St Joseph and Floriana Ajax MCP A squared off for the first time this season in a trilling encounter which saw points shared in a 4-4 draw with top level darts on display all night. In other matches, Mosta Horseshoe Bar A made it three wins in three with a 6-2 victory over Senglea M. Conquest; Gudja POs Bar A continued the positive start of the season with a comfortable 7-1 win and Zejtun Beland Bullseye recorded their first win of the season in a 7-1 win over Hamrun Education Bar A.

Division 2: The early match from this division saw St. Venera Red Square maintaining their 100% record with a 5-3 win over title contenders Mosta Horseshoe Bar B. Gudja POs Bar B, Cospicua Rangers and Floriana Ajax MCP B all winning away matches to stay in touch with the early leaders St. Venera.

Division 3: Six unbeaten teams after gameweek 3 with Floriana Ajax Munchies C leading the way on maximum points after another comfortable win, followed by Siggiewi St.Nicholas BC, St. Paul’s Band Club, Hamrun Bayern Munich and Floriana Bocci Club on seven points and Sliema Tipico St. Gregory’s BC on five points.

Results Game-week 3 (20/10/2017)

Division 1

Zejtun Beland Bullseye v Hamrun Education Bar A 7-1; Mosta Horseshoe Bar A v Senglea M. Conquest A 6-2; Floriana Ajax MCP A v Kalkara St Joseph 4-4; Gudja PO`s Bar A v Birzebbuga Cox Sports Club A 7-1

Division 2

St. Venera Red Square v Mosta Horseshoe Bar B 5-3; Hamrun Education Bar B v Gudja PO`s Bar B 2-6; Birzebbuga Cox Sports Club B v Cospicua Rangers 1-7; Bugibba Sun City A v Floriana Ajax MCP B 1-7

Division 3

Siggiewi St.Nicholas BC v St. Paul’s Diamonds 5-3; Floriana Ajax Munchies C v Bugibba Sun City Ladies 7-1; Floriana Bocci Club v Zurrieq Football Club 4-4; Senglea M. Conquest B v Mgarr The Hatch Sports Bar 8-0; Sliema Tipico St. Gregory BC v Hamrun Bayern Munich 4-4; Mqabba St. Mary Band Club v St.Paul’s Band Club 2-6

Standings Game-week 3 (20/10/2017)

Division 1

1st Mosta Horseshoe Bar – 9 points; 2nd Floriana Ajax MCP A, Kalkara St Joseph, Gudja PO`s Bar A – 7 points; 5th Zejtun Beland Bullseye – 4 points; 6th Birzebbuga Cox Sports Club A, Hamrun Education Bar A, Senglea M. Conquest A – 0 points.

Division 2

1st St. Venera Red Square – 9 points; 2nd Gudja PO`s Bar B, Cospicua Rangers – 7 points; 4th Mosta Horseshoe Bar B, Floriana Ajax MCP B – 6 points; 6th Bugibba Sun City A, Birzebbuga Cox Sports Club, Hamrun Education Bar B – 0 points.

Division 3

1st Floriana Ajax Munchies C – 9 points; 2nd Floriana Bocci Club, Hamrun Bayern Munich, Siggiewi St.Nicholas BC, St.Paul’s Band Club – 7 points; 6th Sliema Tipico St. Gregory BC – 5 points; 7th Senglea M. Conquest B – 4 points; 8th Mqabba St. Mary Band Club, Bugibba Sun City Ladies, Zurrieq Football Club – 1 point; 11th Mgarr The Hatch Sports Bar, St. Paul’s Diamonds – 0 points.

Fixtures Game-week 4 (27/10/2017)

Division 1

Kalkara St Joseph v Mosta Horseshoe Bar A; Birzebbuga Cox Sports Club A v Zejtun Beland Bullseye; Hamrun Education Bar A v Floriana Ajax A; Senglea M. Conquest A v Gudja PO`s Bar A

Division 2

Cospicua Rangers v Hamrun Education Bar B; Floriana Ajax B v St. Venera Red Square; Mosta Horseshoe Bar B v Birzebbuga Cox Sports Club B; Gudja POs Bar B v Bugibba Sun City A

Division 3

Zurrieq Football Club v Siggiewi St.Nicholas BC; Mgarr The Hatch Sports Bar v Mqabba St. Mary Band Club; St. Paul’s Diamonds v Senglea M. Conquest B; Bugibba Sun City Ladies v Floriana Bocci Club; St.Paul’s Band Club v Sliema Tipico St. Gregory BC; Hamrun Bayern Munich v Floriana Ajax C


Group A

Bugibba Sun City Ladies v St. Venera Red Square 1-4; Hamrun Education Bar A v Mosta Horseshoe Bar A 2-3; St. Paul’s Diamonds v Mgarr The Hatch Sports Bar 5-0

Group B

Floriana Bocci Club v Birzebbuga Cox Sports Club A 3-2; Gudja PO`s Bar A v Floriana Ajax B 2-3

Group C

Floriana Ajax A v St.Paul’s Band Club 4-1; Senglea M. Conquest A v Gudja PO’s Bar B 4-1; Cospicua Rangers v Hamrun Bayern Munich 5-0

Group D

Zejtun Beland Bullseye v Kalkara St Joseph 1-4; Mosta Horseshoe Bar B v Bugibba Sun City A 1-4


Andre Zammit | Public Relations Officer | Malta Darts Association